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Babies five and six are here! Jana Pittman welcomes twins with husband Paul Gatward

So cute!

By Alex Lilly
Congratulations are in order for Jana Pittman who is a mum once more!
The ex Olympian and SAS Australia super mum has welcomed her adorable twins with husband Paul Gatward.
Our sister site New Idea can reveal that the ecstatic new mum, who is married to finance lawyer Paul Gatward, welcomed her twins naturally and early, on March 22, at the 35-week mark of her pregnancy.

Everyone is healthy and well.
The new bubs are Jana's fifth and sixth children - she's already mum to Cornelis, 15, whom she shares with her former coach and husband, Chris Rawlinson, Emily, six, Jemima, four – who Jana conceived through anonymous sperm donation when she was a single mum - and Charlie, one.
The super mum and ex Olympian announced her pregnancy in October last year. (Image: Instagram)
In fact, Jana took on the gruelling SAS Australia course just six months after giving birth to Charlie and earned the title "super mum" with fans.
The ex Olympian also donated an egg to her close friends in a same-sex relationship. They welcomed daughter, Màili, via a surrogate in November, 2019.
"I'm known to Màili as Auntie Jana. I'm obviously her biological parent, and we see each other – COVID-pending – as often as possible, and to think that I have the opportunity to be involved in their family, we call it our rainbow family – is quite a privilege," Jana explained on Australian Story.
In December, Jana revealed that the twins were male and female and shared a sweet ultrasound scan to Instagram of the foetuses close together.
"Hello brother, nice butt! Love you too sis xx snuggles in mummies tummy!" she captioned the post.
"Looks very likely to be boy/girl twins 🥰💙💕💚🧡🥰 #twins #pregnantwithtwins #20wks #love #workingmum."
Before the twins came along, Jana was a mum-of-four to Cornelis, Emily, Jemima and Charlie. (Image: Instagram)
Jana announced the news of her pregnancy to our sister publication New Idea and admitted that she never thought she'd have six children.
"I don't know how we are going to cope. How will we all fit into my car? I can see life is going to be a logistical nightmare," she said back in October.
However, doctor Jana admitted that she'll reduce her hours to part-time and rely her mum but says there's "not a chance" she'll have any more kids.
"My desire to fall pregnant again has gone. The flame is out. I'm going to immerse myself in the joy of this last pregnancy and enjoy the feeling of having twins grow inside of me," she stated.