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A gross gender reveal idea has broken the internet, and we're about done now

Proof that the gender reveal phenomenon might have gone too far.

By Rebel Wylie
The gender reveal party theme has really taken off in recent years as parents-to-be try to think of the most creative ways to reveal the sex of their unborn baby to their family and friends. If their video footage of the moment is a success, they're often left revealing their news to the world too.
From popping balloons, to smashing eggs on their foreheads to car burnouts and more, people have turned the moment once reserved for the moment of birth into an extreme spectator sport.
As of today, we may have reached the pinnacle of gender reveals. In fact we may have even gone too far.
Why? Because a seven second video featuring a woman blowing coloured powder out of her butt is going viral.
The video was shared by YouTuber, Paige Ginn, a comedian best known for filming herself while pretending to fall over. She's become somewhat of an online icon, known as "that girl who fakes falls."
Now, she's making a name for herself as "that girl who blows powder from her bum."
The short clip (which you can see below) begins with Ginn lying on a tiled floor in front of a blue and pink balloon display. Wearing just a white shirt and nothing on the bottom, Ginn looks focused and it's only a few seconds in before we understand exactly what she's focused on.
Within moments we are rewarded with the sight of a huge cloud of blue powder blowing out of her butt region.
If ever we needed proof that the baby reveal party phenomenon might have gone too, it's this woman performing a gender reveal fart. (Image: Facebook/PaigeGinn)
Immediately three women spectators begin jumping around and cheering at the news that the blue powder cloud means "It's a boy!"
It's not clear whether anyone is in fact pregnant, or whether this is a staged prank for clicks, but whatever the motivation it's worked.
At the time of publication the video had received over 216k shares on Facebook and was racking up thousands of comments and tags on Instagram.
WATCH: Gender reveal by Paige Ginn below. Continues after video ...
We're speechless. All we can suggest is maybe don't try this at home, kids.