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Farmer Wants A Wife’s Sam Reitano has welcomed a baby GIRL!

Bring on the adorable baby cowgirl outfits.

By Maddison Hockey
First he found his wife and now he's starting his flock! That's right, Farmer Wants A Wife's Sam Reitano has welcomed a baby girl.
The fruit farmer from Queensland who appeared on the reality series in 2020 took to Instagram to share the exciting news of his new arrival with his wife Katelen.
"Welcome to the world my beautiful daughter. Armani Valentina Reitano," Sam wrote.
"Born on the 13th of August at 3:34pm. This girl is going to be the best girl in the world, she's going to be better then anyone ever knew.
"My amazing wife and bub are doing great and I'm so proud of my two girls," he continued. "Daddy and mummy and your big brother Chayse love you so much my lil Armani."

The farmer announced he and Katelen, who already has son Chayse, were expecting on New Year's Eve last year with a picture of the sonogram.
"Myself and Katelen are happy to announce we will be expecting a lil' farmer in August 2021," he captioned the post.
The couple held an explosive gender reveal party sharing a video of the moment Sam pulled a popper to reveal a hot pink confetti burst.
Meanwhile, Katelen can be seen in the background jumping for joy over the reveal.
Sam and Katelen revealed they were having a girl. (Instagram)
The couple haven't had the most conventional love story, at least in the eyes of the public.
In a surprising Farmer Wants A Wife finale twist, fans were delighted to learn Farmer Sam had found love after having his heart broken on the show and leaving early due to the tragic passing of his grandfather.
Bringing his new love Kirsten on the show, Sam told host Natalie Gruzlewski she was "the best thing that's come into my life."
His love story took ANOTHER twist when it was discovered Sam had since become engaged to a different woman – Katelen, in the time the finale was filmed to when it was aired.
Sam announced his engagement right after the show's finale aired. (Instagram)
Shocked and surprise by fans aside, the couple have been living together happily ever since, and even tied the knot in March.
"31st of March 2021," Sam announced via Instagram."I married the most beautiful girl in the world that I now call my wife ❤️
"I am so grateful to have my amazing family there by my side, now it's till the next 4 months our beautiful baby girl will be born. What a incredible year it is so far 😊 farmer Sam found a wife."
The couple married in March. (Instagram)

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