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Yes, you can be pregnant and still enjoy the Christmas party season

Totally do-able.

By Fiona Wright
Ok, you'll need to skip the glass of champagne and pass on that platter of delicious soft cheeses but you can be pregnant still get into the festive spirit.
Here's how you and bump can celebrate Christmas in style.
Keep it down
If you're suffering from pregnancy sickness, start your day by having a plain snack like crackers to stabilise your blood sugar levels. If you can't stomach anything too rich for breakfast, a bowl of porridge, provides a long-lasting energy release.
Stir in some powdered ginger for a festive (and nausea-soothing) flavour.
You can feel festive and fabulous during the silly season. (Getty Images)
Drink up
Are you used to seeing in the festive period with a couple of alcoholic drinks? It's recommended pregnant women completely avoid alcohol, so swap your bubbly for sparkling water with lime but have it served in a champagne flute.
Or try a bottle of BellyUp, a sparkling probiotic and superfood drink available in five flavours.
Eat safely
When it comes to party canapes, skip deli meats and soft cheeses and choose foods that are well-cooked.
Look for healthy options, like carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus (a source of protein and iron) or guacamole (rick in good fats and folic acid).
Tummy time
While you'd probably like to just curl up on lounge and devour a box of Lindt choccies, try to avoid over indulging as it can lead to heartburn.
However, research suggests mums-to-be who eat chocolate regularly have happier babies. Winning!
If you do experience heartburn, prop yourself up with several pillows to help your stomach acid stay down. A glass of cold milk before bed can help neutralise the acid and may also prevent cramps, which are associated with a lack of calcium.
Christmas superfoods
Plenty of festive fare will give you and bub a nutritional boost.
Turkey: Low-fat, and a great source of protein, the basis of your bub's body.
Cranberry sauce: Crammed with vitamin C, cranberries contain agents which stop bacteria from 'sticking' in the body. And they're renowned for preventing urinary tract infections.
Peas: Full of folic acid and thiamin, a B vitamin good for the heart, muscles and nervous system.
Christmas pudding: Dried fruit is a great source of iron, essential for red blood cell production for you and your baby.