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Em Rusciano's latest pregnancy blog has us cheering

The former 2Day FM radio host is ready to pop, but not before she drops some truth bombs.

By Alex Lilly
While some pregnant celebrities (looking at you Megs) manage to only show the beautiful side of pregnancy, sometimes it's easy to forget the tough reality of growing a human.
But thankfully, Em Rusciano is here with her trademark wit and wisdom to shed some light on what it's really like to be with child.
In a candid blog post, the former 2Day FM radio host spoke about her changing body and the accompanying feelings.
Em Rusciano has some wise words for mums-to-be. (Image: Instagram @emrusciano)
"I'm both terrified and in awe of the ways in which my body has changed and adapted over the past thirty seven weeks," the 39 year-old mum-to-be wrote in her Confessions of a preggo blog post.
She went on to say that there were occasions when she was "worried or repulsed" by the physical changes to her body during pregnancy.
"It's hard not to when your previously B cup breasts now nestle themselves snuggly inside a D cup, and when set free, rest atop your growing stomach like two giant, mono-nippled Jabba The Huts. And when lifted for aeration, they have the surface temperature of 'centre court at the Australian Open' degrees celsius underneath," she joked.
But despite the discomfort and worries, Em revealed that the actual pregnancy puts it all in perspective and that she's bringing "a whole new person" into the world.
"… and then I just worry about that instead of the cellulite on the side of my knees," she added.
Em admits there were occasions when she was "worried or repulsed" by the physical changes to her body during pregnancy. (Image: Instagram @emrusciano)
Funny lady Em also reminded any pregnant women and even those considering falling pregnant that it's okay at times to feel stress, anger and pain during this period.
"Society is really only comfortable with us pretending that this is the happiest time of our lives when sometimes, it's not!" she wrote.
"I mean, I was promised there would be 'glowing', and yet the only sheen coming off me has been sweat."
Too right Em!
Em and husband Scott Barrow are already parents to daughters, Marchella, 16, and Odette, 11, but this will be the couple's first son.
Sharing the happy news of her pregnancy on Instagram, Em joked, "Let me tell you it's a different ball game doing this at 39 to 21. It's a good thing that the stretch marks are in place and ready to go! #geriatricpregnancy #stretchypants #nippleslikefighterpilotsthumbs."
WATCH: Em Rusciano takes time off to mark the day she was supposed to give birth to her late third baby. Post continues...
Em, who tragically suffered a miscarriage in 2016, is currently nine months pregnant with her third child. But the 39 year-old mum-to-be admitted she grappled with grief for the first few months.
"I desperately tried not to become too attached to the idea of another baby, just in case," she penned in her blog post.
"I smiled and made the appropriate noises when I spoke about it, but on the inside was a cold determination to protect my heart. You see, no one really speaks about the emotions that come with the pregnancy after the one that ended without a baby."
If you or someone you know has experience a miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death and would like to talk to someone about it, contact Sands Australia on (03) 9895 8700 or visit their website: www. sands.org.au.

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