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Neighbours star Christie Whelan Browne’s warning to young women after her three-year-long fertility battle

''Never gave a thought to my reproductive organs.''

By Maddison Hockey
Fans were delighted when Neighbours' star Christie Whelan Browne recently announced she was pregnant with a "miracle" baby.
Sharing the news via Instagram last month the 38-year-old shared a photo of her growing tummy alongside corresponding fruit sizes.
"A miracle happened. We have never been so happy. 💫 Happy Hump/Bump Day," she wrote.
Christie and Rohan made the sweet announcement on Instagram last month. (Instagram)
But the journey to pregnancy has been a bumpy one for Christie and her partner, Rohan Browne.
And, today she warned women that even if they're not yet thinking about having a baby, what they do now can greatly impact their future fertility and plans to have children.
"I took the pill for 15 years. Skipped a period whenever I wanted to. Never gave a thought to my reproductive organs &their functions until I was 35 &infertile," she wrote on Twitter.
"I now urge all young women (even if you don't know if you want kids) to get a simple AMH test &check your egg reserves✌🏻"
Christie warned fans to get checked. (Instagram)
The actress, who's known for roles on Neighbours, The Wrong Girl and Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell, has long been open about her fertility struggle.
When she learned she was pregnant, Christie took multiple test, unable to believe her luck.
"Today has been overwhelming with love and people feeling happy for us and that has only added joy of this journey," she revealed.
"The shame around infertility is just so palpable. My best friend said to me 'but shame is usually reserved for things you have done wrong' and I always tried to remind myself that this was not because of anything I did wrong, or that Rohan did wrong. And it's not something YOU are doing wrong."

"A lot of the time in the 3 years we tried to get pregnant people would say really unhelpful things like 'you need to stop thinking about it' and 'you need to be really positive about it' so not only was my body failing me; but I was asking my mind to ignore the fact that we had been told we had a 1% chance of conceiving naturally, and be positive about it anyway.
"And if I wasn't able to do that; I was letting the process down in another way? Trying to protect your heart from the painful failed cycles, while never giving up hope? It's too much sometimes. I see you couples struggling and I will never, ever take this moment for granted."