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Heavily pregnant Bindi Irwin is still working hard, but friends are asking her to slow down

Friends are calling on Bindi Irwin to take it easy with her due date drawing closer as the family rallies to promote Australia Zoo.

By Woman's Day team
After 10 months of grappling with state lockdowns and the end of international tourists flooding through the gates due to COVID-19, the Irwins are campaigning hard to get Queensland locals to visit Australia Zoo's Crocoseum.
Woman's Day has learned that as she heads towards her third trimester, Bindi and her husband Chandler Powell are, according to our sources, "laser-focused" on preparing for their daughter's future.
For her day job, she juggles high-profile appearances at the zoo, alongside Robert and Chandler, 24, with talking to and observing the vets and scientists at the family's wildlife hospital.
"With the little one very much on the way, I can see there might be a bit of a shift ahead for Bindi, and, logically, if Bindi and Chandler get chunks of change, Robert, whose star is also rising, should be entitled as well."
"Even though she's pregnant, seeing Bindi as a grown businesswoman is going to be a new transition for Terri to accept, after being responsible for the family fortune and making payments to her kids for so long, but they are old enough now to have some form of control."
However, insiders have told Woman's Day of their "concerns" that heavily pregnant Bindi, 22, may also be tempted to jump into the pen.
Insiders are worried that Bindi may be taking too many risks. (Instagram)
The family is pushing on social media that Terri Irwin, 56, her 17-year-old son Robert and son-in-law Chandler Powell, 24, will all be personally feeding the crocodiles for the crowd until January 26.
Bindi is due to give birth in 2021 (Instagram)
"Bindi is an excellent animal handler and has been around crocs her whole life, but some friends are worried she's doing too much to help her mum keep the zoo going and should be scaling back her responsibilities, at least with the larger, more dangerous animals," says a source.
"Any mum would advise her that she's no longer as nimble 
as she thinks she is now she's carrying a little one, so we're hoping she keeps a safe distance from these crocodiles when she makes her appearances."

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