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Teachers caught playing Marry, Shag, Kill game, referring to students

This is wrong on so many levels.

By Ellie McDonald
Teachers caught playing Marry, Shag, Kill game

Damning footage allegedly showing school teachers at a bar talking disturbingly inappropriately about their students has been revealed online.

According to CBS Detroit, a group of six teachers and a school secretary were secretly filmed in a bar discussing the performance of their pupils.

Their banter then escalated when the conversation turned to a game called Marry, Shag, Kill – horrifyingly – referring to the kids they teach.

The anonymous onlooker passed the video on to a parent, who later posted the video to YouTube.

Shocked parents of children who attend the US school are demanding that the accused teachers are sacked immediately.

However, the district attorney looking into the case said that while the secretary resigned following the incident, the six teachers would not lose their jobs.

Naturally, parents are seething.

“This is so wrong I’m am so mad they just got a slap on the wrist. They should’ve been fired and not allowed to work with kids,” one furious mum unleashed on Facebook.

“Grown adults talking bad and naughty and about having kids with students/minors charges need pressed.”

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