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Not a drill: Fisher-Price is hiring a toy tester and it could be YOUR KID

It’s like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory only BETTER because no one's about to get sucked up in a chocolate whirlpool.

By Katie Skelly

If your children love to play, then toy giant Fisher-Price wants to hear from you.

The American-based company are seeking one special little Aussie boy or girl between the ages of 12-months and five-years to be given the very important task of putting all the best toys to the test in the Fisher-Price Play Lab.

We know. It’s a tough gig, but someone’s gotta do it!

The right candidate, who’ll be flown over to the states with mum or dad, will be young-at-heart but “deliberate and decisive”.

You’ll know which toys are right for you and your age group, quick smart.

“Commensurate with your ability to laugh, giggle, goo, ga, shake, point and scream, remuneration is very generous – i.e. all the toys you could ever want at your disposal for 12 months. And your very own Play Lab to well, play around in,” reads the job description.

And just like any good role, you can be sure there will be perks.

The lucky employee will be given a company car (it may or may not be plastic), free milk, their very own grown-up chair and flexible hours – for napping, of course.

Submit your application today by sending in a snap of your little one in his or her ‘Top Toy Tester’ attire, along with 25 words or less on why your kid is right for the job.

Click here to apply!