Woman giving birth to be shown on TV

Childbirth is a miraculous thing, but would you like to see it on television? If not, keep the remote handy tonight because a Sydney fertility clinic is launching a new ad that features a real woman giving birth.
The advertisement for Genea, formerly Sydney IVF, shows a New Zealand woman giving birth to her fourth child.
It was filmed over six hours, from the time labour began to the birth of the baby, and is the first time a real birth has been shown on Australian TV.
While you can't see any private parts, the clip is raw, showing the baby's head emerging and the newborn being handed to his mother, still covered in blood and amniotic fluid.
The ad campaign also raises questions about the ethics of using something as emotive as the birth of a healthy child to advertise a fertility clinic, which cannot guarantee its clients will have the same joyous outcome.

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