Why this mum might regret asking the internet for opinions on her dream baby name

They said my name sounds like what?!

An expectant mother who took to a baby forum to ask strangers for their opinions about her potential baby name is likely to have regretted her decision after online punters savaged the creative moniker.
Appearing on a thread for Mumsnet on Monday 3 October, user 16TMoore asked others for their thoughts of the name ‘Felicula’.
Almost needless to say, it did not go well.
Out of the dozens of mostly negative responses users were imaginative in their method of slamming the name – many insults included a medical twist.
One user worte: “Absolutely horrendous and I class some very ‘out there’ names as cool and acceptable.”
Another added: “It sounds either steam punk or slightly like a piece of surgical apparatus to me. Sorry.”
One punter chimed in to say “it sounds like a disease”, with someone else saying Felicula “sounds like something you would buy at a pharmacy for a vaginal rash”.
The post has since been removed and it’s unclear if the mum took any of this advice on board but Felicula, if you ever read this, please know your mum was warned.
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