GENIUS: A mum's super simple dummy hack that that helps her baby sleep through goes viral

Other parents are swearing by it too.

By Rebel Wylie
Tired mum Laura Gerson has shared the very simple solution she discovered to help her baby daughter sleep through the night and other parents are wondering why they never thought of it.
After constantly being woken throughout the night to re-settle daughter Amelia, Laura figured out that all she ever wanted was her dummy put back and then she went straight back to sleep.
Genius: Mum's simple dummy hack goes viral

Cue: Lightbulb moment

Laura began putting Amelia to bed surrounded by almost a dozen dummies so that when she woke she could simply reach out and find one to soothe herself.
Laura, from the UK, shared her 'weird bedtime routine' on The Motherload Facebook groupand the reaction was swift, with the post being shared by exhausted parents all over the world.
Laura writes: "Since my little one was about 3 months old she's gone to bed with roughly 10 dummies in with her.
"Found that when she cried of a night all she wanted was a dummy then she'd go back off. Realised if she had one to hand then she would just find it of a night, trial and error with her losing a few down the side but 99% of the time she feels around, finds a dummy, sticks it in and she's sorted!"
Laura went on to say that she had not had to go into Amelia's room during the night for at least eight months, proving that her hack indeed does work.
Overjoyed, if tired, mothers responded in droves, excited at the potential relief that lay ahead for them, while other parents chimed in to say that they also discovered this hack and it most definitely works.
Dummy, pacifier, soother … whatever you call it, these little gifts from the baby aisle can be both a parent's best friend and a parent's biggest pain. When they're working they're great, and when they're not, they're really not.
Laura is the first to admit that while this solution works for now she knows that t won't last forever, writing: "'I don't even wanna think about the time when the "Dummy Fairy" comes to take them away though!'"