Toys 'R' Us to end gender marketing

Parents have campaigned for toy stores to end gender marketing and 'let toys be toys'
An army of angry parents have forced toy store giant Toys 'R' Us to strip their aisles of sexist signage in a move to end gender marketing to children.
The UK arm of the global toy retailer has given in to the pressure of a grass roots campaign started by concerned parents, agreeing to freshen up in-store signage and to show boys and girls playing with the same toys.
The inclusive marketing strategy comes in response to the support of almost 8000 signatories who subscribed to the 'Let Toys Be Boys' online petition demanding toy retailers to "take down the signs, labels and categories that tell parents, grandparents and children that construction sets, adventure games, cars, science toys and superheroes are 'toys for boys', and that baby dolls, play kitchens, make-up sets, fashion, princesses and crafts are 'toys for girls'."
Toys 'R' Us Managing Director Roger McLaughlin said the retailers was happy to be working with the Let Toys Be Toys team, led by Megan Perryman, and that the chain store would "ensure we develop the best plan for our customers".
The changes follow in the footsteps follow similar commitments from other major retailers who have agreed to banish gender signage from their aisles following intervention from the campaign.
But campaigner Megan Perryman says the industry still has a long way to go.
"Even in 2013, boys and girls are still growing up being told that certain toys are 'for' them, while others are not. This is not only confusing but extremely limiting, as it strongly shapes their ideas about who they are and who they can go on to become."

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