Things to do on the northern end of the Gold Coast with kids

There's sun, fun and family adventure a'plenty to be had.

By Rebel Wylie
There's a magic little sweet spot on east coast where New South Wales turns into Queensland. It's the Gold Coast, a strip famed for it's white sanded beaches, gorgeous weather, incredible waterways and year-round sunshine.
It also has a reputation as the home of fun. And no wonder, with so many families visiting, and so many more making this paradise their home, family-friendly adventure is in abundance, and nowhere more-so than the northern end of the Gold Coast.
Destination Gold Coast recently invited my family and I to visit the northern end of the Gold Coast to see what all the fuss was about.
What we found was wildlife encounters, adrenaline adventures, spectacular entertainment, great food and of course the magic of the Gold Coast's famous theme parks.
The verdict? When it comes to things to do with kids, you'd be hard pressed to find a more accommodating destination. I've shared some of our favourite activities in the gallery below ...