Terri Irwin's heartbreaking desire to have more kids before Steve's untimely passing

The beloved Aussie couple were hoping to add to their brood.

By Chloe Lal
It's been over a decade since the world lost the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, but for Terri, Bindi and Robert - they lost a loved one.
And now Terri has revealed her husband's death dashed their dreams of expanding their family.
Chatting to E!News, Terri shared, “Steve said to me how excited he was when Bindi was born."
“He said, ‘Do you think we could have a boy?’ And then Robert was born, and they’re perfect. They’re easy kids; they’re wonderful to me; they’re such a help.”
Adding, “I said to Steve, ‘Let’s have a third.’ And he said, ‘You have a girl and you have a boy. What are you hoping for?’”
The full gang turned up for the gala.
While they may not have had that third child, the Irwin family couldn't seem more complete.
The trio have dedicated their lives in continuing Steve's conservation work - a decision that wasn't made lightly.
"It was a conscious decision the trio made together while coming to terms with their grief a decade ago, Terri explained.
“When we lost Steve it was a real crossroads of deciding if you’re just going to curl up in the corner or try to do something even bigger and better."
“The only way to honour Steve and his legacy and everything he lived for was to try to continue his work and expand on it.”
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Bindi and Terri were attending the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in Los Angeles.
And the 18-year-old was delighted to be her mum's date to the glitzy event.
“This evening is so special to me, being with my beautiful family and our family of wildlife warriors,” she gushed.
"It's such an honor to see so many people joining us… As human beings we really have to find peace and happiness and light within ourselves to be able to make a positive change in the world."