Teens prefer time with mum and dad to Facebook friends

They're dubbed the iGeneration, constantly attached to computers and smartphones and more socially active online than in the playground, but a study of the after school habits of Aussie teens reveals they prefer spending time at home with mum and dad than Facebook friends.
The in-depth study which looked at 200 Canberra teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 found they ranked spending time with family as their number one after school activity.
Surprisingly, homework, watching TV, doing chores, sport and spending time with friends all out-ranked using technology, thwarting assumptions that kids spend all day online.
The study found that 80 per cent of teens have a Facebook account, but less than half of those are active on the online social network each day.
The study's author, Dr Karen Macpherson said the study suggested that the habits of young people aren't so different to previous generations, as is often assumed.
"We really need to rethink our stereotypes of modern teenagers," Dr Macpherson told Fairfax Media.
"No one would argue against the fact that teenagers have welcomed digital technologies into their lives with open arms. But it may be that the popular stereotype of teenagers as being consumed by Facebook and computer games needs some rethinking."

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