Teenage mum gives birth to 'world's heaviest baby girl'

Oh golly!

A teenager has reportedly given birth to the world’s heaviest baby girl.
The child was born via caesarean section in southern India and weighed a whopping 6.8kgs at birth, reports local media.
Her 19-year-old mother Nandini, who is slight and just 5ft 9’, was totally unaware that her baby would be big.
Doctor Venkatesh Raju told local media: "I believe she is not only the heaviest baby born in India, but the heaviest baby girl ever born in the world."
Physicians overseeing the birth said that the child had no obvious health issues, and that the baby showed no high sugar levels common with infant obesity.
"She does not have any health issues like irregular sugar levels or thyroid, and is breathing well," said gynecologist Poornima Manu, who delivered the bub.
American baby Carisa Rusack was the previous baby girl to hold the title after being born at 6.49kg in 2014.
But both girls fall well shy of the world’s heaviest baby boy. The claim goes to Carmelina Fedele’s son who weighed 10.2kg at birth in 1955 – that child still holds the Guinness record today.
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