Royals on ski holidays

For the royal families around the world a holiday isn't complete with snow, skis and schnapps.

Ski holidays are a tradition for many members of the royal families around the world, and it's easy to understand why. It's a rather sporting, wholesome activity that the whole family can enjoy (hands up if you've ever been overtaken by a fearless five year-old on the ski slopes!).
So where do they ski?
Prince Charles is a regular at Klosters in Switzerland (and that's where William was spotted snogging Kate for the first time in public in 2006).
Princess Mary and Prince Frederick raced each other in toboggans earlier this month and now the Dutch royal family are hitting the slopes for their annual hols.
However the snow remains tinged with sadness for the Dutch royals, Prince Friso, the younger brother of King Willem-Alexander, who died from complications following a ski accident.

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