A pricey Santa letter wish list goes viral after shocked Dad shares it

A girl's gotta dream.

By Rebel Wylie
It's mid-November, which means chores are getting done like never before as kids make a last minute dash to secure their place on the 'nice list'.
One kid who seems pretty confident of her position on that list, is the daughter of an LA dad who has shared her extravagant wish list on Twitter. It seems this little girl thinks the Santa economy is booming this year and her requests have quickly gained viral attraction.
"My 10 year old daughter must be out of her mind with this Christmas list," wrote her dad, who posts on Instagram as Call Me Mr Johnson.
Twitter user @A_Johnson412 shared his daughter's pricey Christmas list and it's getting A LOT of attention. (Image: Twitter)
With barely a line break between her Christmas List page title, the 10-year-old goes in hard requesting an iPhone 11, Air Pods and a new MccBook Air. 3 items in and we're already up over $5k with 23 items to go.
The list, which was interspersed with this year's hottest toys, goes on to include Gucci slides, a Go Pro, a Chanel purse and $4000 in cold hard cash.
Santa might have to sell a reindeer or two to accomodate this wish list. (Image: Getty)
As expected, the Twitterverse has provided some commentary gold.
"Sneaking in that 4K at the bottom is a rockstar move," cited one impressed commenter.
While another noted: "Shorty got big dreams!!! She gone have to work real hard to get the lifestyle she wants."
"She's honestly my role model now," tweeted one woman, while another agreed: "She knows exactly what she wants and how to ask for it. Love it."
"A Chanel bag girl I'm still waiting for mine and I'm 23," said another. Us too, girl, us too.
One passionate thread follower went so far as to itemise the girl's wish list alongside the actual prices, finding a tally of around $19,000 (US$13K).
This list is in stark contrast to another viral Christmas post making the rounds. A post by US Social worker, Megan Dunn posed a discussion-worthy dilemma when she implored her readers not to tell their children that the expensive gifts and toys under the tree were from Santa.
"I can not stress this enough. Stop telling your Santa age kids that their iPads, and iPhones, and 200 dollar toys are from Santa," she implored.
"Cause some families cant afford that. Little kids wonder why they got socks or a coat or hand me down toys from Santa and other kids got an iPad."
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The social worker suggested that instead parents take credit for the bigger ticket items themselves, saving heartache for the parents who might not be able to afford to buy anything expensive this Christmas.
"This is the second year I've had a parent cry to me telling me that their kid asked if they weren't good enough or if Santa didn't like them as much. Breaks my heart for the parents and the kids," Dunn shared.
"So take the credit for the gift. Santa didn't buy that iPad, momma did or daddy did. Leave the less expensive gifts from Santa. Be blessed you can afford what others cannot."