Pink reveals her fears about being a mum

Fearless is a word that can easily describe no-nonsense music sensation Pink, but when it comes to being a mum she’s afraid, very afraid.

By Blake Nadilo
Pink and her husband Carey Hart were at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball in New York on Tuesday to celebrate the popstar being named one of the charity’s ambassadors.
The Stupid Girls singer chatted to E! News, where she got candid about her fears about raising her four-year-old daughter Willow.
“What scares me more is having a breakable child,” she said. “She needs to be out in the world and be able to do things for herself.”
“She's very capable, she's very physical. I started out with her where I was gonna get her a bubble and never let her out of it but I, you know, she's, she's good," the mum-of-one added.
A day prior, the 36-year-old stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where she couldn't help but gush over her sweet daughter.
“If she was a cereal I'd call her Nutty Delicious. She's nutty! She's crazy,” Pink laughed.
Jimmy then showed the audience a picture of Pink's daughter riding a motocross bike with her dad, Carey Hart, who is a retired racer.
“That was right after she got done saying, 'Dad, I wish you'd move so I could go fast’,” she quipped.
The Grammy winner also explained that Willow might follow in her footsteps too.
“She does silks as well...the ribbon I hang from occasionally," she told the talk show host.
Pink and her gorgeous four-year-old daughter Willow.

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