"I love burritos!" Pia Miller's secret to balancing motherhood with life (or death?) in Summer Bay

The actress also chats beauty and what it's like having Sam Frost on Home & Away.

By Kate Wagner
Pia Miller is an actress in famously demanding soap Home & Away, model, brand ambassador and mum to two boys, so it’s safe to say she understands what it’s like to be busy.
Pia’s boys – Isaiah, 14 and Lennox, 11 – have both grown up watching their mum “do her thing”, aka being on the go pretty much all the time.
When Isaiah was a baby, Pia used to take him on shoots because she had no other option so she admits life is definitely easier now they’re independent, but that doesn’t mean she’s a lady of luxury by any means. Not only that, but like all of us, she has her own insecurities she faces every day.
"I live my life by the quote: 'Comparison is the thief of all joy'," Pia says of the days when, sometimes, her own self-doubts begin to weigh heavily.
"But like everyone, you can get lost in the world so sometimes I need to bring it back and remind myself that I've got I've got a beautiful family, healthy boys and a wonderful career."
Pia chats to Now To Love about what it's like watching her boys grow up while feeding them almost Mexican and how her caring instincts have shone while helping Sam Frost on set.
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Life as a mum

Pia might be most recognisable for her work as Kat Chapman, but it’s easy to see that being mum eclipses all of that.
“It’s so rewarding seeing the boys transform into who they are. To see them go from little boys to little gentlemen,” she gushed.
“It’s really rewarding seeing them evolve and change and become who they are.”
She acknowledged the family’s move from Melbourne to Sydney, where they were surrounded by family and friends, was a huge change for the boys, but she hopes it’s taught them to be able to roll with the punches.

“There is so much that’s out of our control and I think it’s just being flexible,” she explained. “It’s just about being open and not being stuck by circumstances because circumstances can change quickly.
“It’s about having the right foundations, you know, having good, strong, loving relationships and honest relationships with people you care about – those things can’t be changed by circumstance.
“In terms of everything else, things can change it’s just about being flexible.”

How did Pia react to Sam Frost moving to Summer Bay?

Sam Frost also made a big life change when she announced she was joining the Home & Away cast, but she faced some pretty intense backlash and has been candid about how nervous she is ahead of the role as a result.
“I was hoping I could just go into it and you know the proofs in the pudding and hopefully I can perform well but I think some people are so stubborn in their opinions, I’m worried that regardless of how well I perform they’re still going to criticise me,” she told David Koch and Natalie Barr last month.
Pia told Now To Love that after the barrage mean comments, she reached out to Sam to let her know the whole cast is there to support her.

“I actually did reach out to Sam and let her know that we’re all sort of in it together and if she ever wants to ask any questions or anything like that, there’s a real sense of camaraderie on set with the cast and the crew,” she said.
“It’s important for anyone that comes on that show that they can ask questions and get their head around the show and that because it is so full on and it is a big job. The more supported you feel, the better you’ll do.”
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What does she eat to keep her going through it all?

Just like most of us, she’s also not great without a coffee in the morning, choosing to start most days with a “macalatte” – a coffee with locally produced macadamia milk.
“I love coffee – that’s not secret. I’ve always got a coffee in hand.”
As for the rest of the day, the model keeps it pretty traditional with porridge in the morning and normally “a tuna and avocado salad or chicken salad” for lunch.
But for dinner, Pia absolutely adores Mexican.
“I feel like a burrito fixes everything.”
“I also love avocado with everything so it’s perfect,” she added. “I make the boys Mexican bowls, or burritos or tacos almost all the time and they love it.”

How she shaves time off her busy schedule?

Pia says she plans her life by making choices that “make things as quick and efficient as possible”.
As Venus’ brand ambassador, the mum says she loves their products because it means she can get out of the house faster in the morning to make the eye-wateringly early shoot times for H&A.
“I'm currently using the new comfort glide which is the only razor on the market that has these beauty butter bars so that means you can moisturise and shave at the same time,” she said.
“You can get out faster in the morning or whenever it is you do your beauty routine. You can get out the door as soon as possible.”

What’s next?

As usual, Pia tells Now To Love she’s got a couple of balls in the air.
“But I’m one of those people that goes with the flow. If something came up overseas then obviously I’d lean into that, but otherwise, I’m pretty happy and pretty stoked to be where I am.”