Breaking down the stigma of public breastfeeding

“I want mothers everywhere to feel comfortable when nourishing their child.”

Photographer and creator of The Australian Breastfeeding Project Sarah Murnane, has explained in an essay on Bored Panda how she hopes to eradicate stigma associated with breastfeeding in public.
Starting the project after photographing 20 mothers breastfeeding on Bremlea beach in Victoria, Sarah plans to tour Australia in 2016 taking photographs of more women breastfeeding.
“I started this project or a few reasons,” Sarah wrote. “Firstly I believe that breastfeeding is the most beautiful, natural act a mother and her baby can experience. I want them to have this moment and their bond preserved in time forever.”
“Secondly, I want to minimise the stigma surrounding breastfeeding in today’s society – I am hoping to have many photos go out through social media so that people become used to seeing a breastfeeding mother.”
“I want mothers everywhere to feel comfortable when nourishing their child. I want to live in a world where women and men alike encourage mothers to feed their babies, whenever and wherever they see fit, without a second thought.”
Sarah’s final reasons included bringing about awareness both to the benefits of breastfeeding and the struggle a lot of women face in trying to do so, and the importance of creating a community of likeminded people who can support breastfeeding mothers.
“No matter where we are feeding, whether it is alone or in a group, we can always guarantee that we have our sisterhood cheering us on. Together we are stronger than we realise. Together we will make a difference.”
To check our Sarah’s tour dates and get involved, visit The Australian Breastfeeding Project’s website.

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