Watch this paediatrician calm a crying baby in seconds

Shake that booty!

It’s 3am. Your baby’s crying. You don’t know what to do… Every new parent has been there. It’s heartbreaking. And tiring!
But what if a simple little bum shake could quieten a child in mere moments? You’d give it a shot, wouldn’t you?
Well, Robert Hamilton – a paediatrician in Santa Monica with 30 years’ experience – has released a helpful (and not to mention adorable!) video demonstrating how to hold a baby and shake their bottom in such a way that makes them stop crying.
Robert, who has had countless crying babies in his office, gently folds the baby’s arms across his chest, and then supporting his chin and holding him at a 45 degree angle, softly shakes his bottom and moves him around in a circular motion.
And, hey presto! He stops crying! What do you think? Have you tried this technique?

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