Pauline Hanson compared children to dogs for a rather interesting reason


By Alex Lilly
Pauline Hanson rarely shies away from a controversial comment, but this time it seems that not even kids are safe from her commentary.
The One Nation senator appeared on Monday morning's Today Show with Georgie Gardner and 3AW's Neil Mitchell in an interview that sent tongues wagging when Georgie brought up the new UK reality TV show called Train Your Baby Like A Dog.
Pauline, a mother-of-four drew a comparison that was interesting to say the least.
Train Your Baby Like A Dog quite literally encourages parents to use similar techniques to their pets such as rewarding good behaviour, positive affirmation and giving treats.
And though Senator Hanson said she didn't use a leash on her kids when they were young, she revealed some other parental tactics that she'd used.
"I tell you what, I gave them a clip over the ear if they didn't do what they were told, I didn't have them running rampant through the shopping centres."
Speaking about the show, however, the Queensland-based politician said, "The concept of treating your kids like dogs is wrong, it's a concept, but kids are like dogs."
Pauline Hanson says "kids are like dogs." (Image: Nine Network)
She added that children need "love and care and attention", but went on to say that "the problem today is parents aren't allowed to discipline their kids, we are losing respect, they lose respect for authority, especially in the educational system."
"They can run rampant and do whatever they want to do, parents are losing control of their kids because they don't want to upset their kids."
Hanson's comments were met with disbelief from both Neil and Georgie before the latter hurriedly wrapped up the interview.
Back in 2017, the Queensland senator suggested that children with autism be educated separately. (Image: Getty Images)
This isn't the first parenting topic that Pauline Hanson has shared her views on by any means.
In 2017, the politician made headlines when she suggested that children with autism were putting a strain on teachers and schools and should be educated separately.
"I am not denying them. If it were one of my children I would love all the time given to them to give them those opportunities. But it is about the loss for our other kids," she stated while debating on the Federal Government's school funding legislation.
"I think that we have more autistic children, yet we are not providing the special classrooms or the schools for these autistic children.
"I understand that, but we have to be realistic at times and consider the impact this is having on other children in the classroom."
WATCH: Pauline Hanson defends autism comments. Post continues after video...
Pauline Hanson is a mother-of-four herself. Her sons Anthony and Steven are from her first marriage to Walter Zagorski while her younger children Adam and Lee are from her second marriage to Mark Hanson. Mark also has a daughter, Amanda, from a previous marriage.
And like any child, they too have been embarrassed by their mum's antics.
"I remember Mum getting up and attempting to dance on live TV and me sitting there going, 'Aww, no! Aww, no, Mum!'" Pauline's daughter Lee told Woman's Day, recalling her mother's stint on Dancing With The Stars back in 2004.
"When she'd get off she'd ask, 'How did I do?'. I'd say, 'Oh, you did really well', but I'd be thinking, Don't get up there and dance again next week. So of course she made it all the way through to the final!"