Parents share the gross discoveries from their kid’s forgotten lunchbox

Those with a weak stomach should probably look away now…

By Katie Skelly
School has officially gone back for Aussie kids which, for parents means homework, 3pm pick-ups and Vegemite-and-cheese sambos.
And while we’d all like to think we’ve got it all under control – you probably did your Officeworks stationery haul weeks ago – it appears there was one crucial dot point on the checklist many parents missed…
After TV personality Andrew “Cosi” Costello shared a hilarious snap of his clearly grossed-out wife Samantha holding up some ancient lunchbox leftovers, parents everywhere began to wonder what treasures their tiny tots left behind in 2016, waiting to be discovered.
“Our school bags are out. Found some VINTAGE LUNCH FROM 2016! Oops,” Cosi shared before urging other mums and dads to do the same.
After approaching their little one's bags with caution, many nostrils were soon met with the unpleasant smell of forgotten recess, something that should have seen the inside of the bin liner a long time ago. However instead of throwing their findings out immediately and washing their hands until eternity, these brave parents posted them online, because it's 2017.
Not sure about you, but we're jealous of whichever kid is getting a croissant for lunch.
Uhh... what even was this?
“After seeing your [Cosi's] post, I went to my son’s school bag and just found this. A mouldy croissant and a 6-week-old apple,” wrote one mum.
Beside an unsavoury image of what now resembles fish, another shared, “Yep... might have once been a sandwich.”
And the comments just kept on coming. “I too am mother of the year, this is my find,” wrote another disgusted mum beside an unsightly, furry banana.
“All through my son's school bag. I think the whole bag should go in the bin!” another captioned a picture of unidentifiable food item.
Do you dare explore your kid's lunchbox?