Parenting fails to make you feel better

When parenting goes wrong

Parenting can be a tough gig sometimes.
Being responsible for the welfare of little people is a monumental task.
Life with kids can be chaotic, busy and full-on.
And even when you are trying your very best it can go very wrong as the parents featured in a recent Buzzfeed listicle discovered.
Take the parent who confused school photo day with pyjama day…
Credit: Reddit.com
Yes, the look on the kids face does say it all.
Then there was the mortified parent of the child that used the toilet on display at a home wears shop. Of course, the only response to watching your child peeing into a demo toilet is to take a picture.
Definitely one for his 21st birthday.
Then there is the mother who painstakingly made a batch of chocolate covered bananas for her kid's class party only to be told that they were inappropriate....
Credit: Instagram
We can just imagine how that conversation went... awkward.
Then there are the parents whose children shame them via school work.
Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram
Other parenting fails include the dad that kicked a hoppy ball so hard that it ended up in a tree and the mum who accidentally packed an alcoholic drink in her daughters lunch box.
Credit: Instagram
Credit: Twitter
The one thing that all of these parenting fails have in common is that they make the rest of us feel better about the mistakes we've made!
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