Wrap your little ones up in wearable blankets this winter

The struggle will be trying to get them to wear anything else!

By Isabelle Knevett
Winter is for snuggles, cuddling up and staying as cosy as can be. And as much as we love curling up with a blanket, if only we could wear them all the time...
Do you see where we are going with this? Enter - the wearable blanket.
The wearable blanket - or hooded blanket - may just be the saving grace for your kids this winter. They're essentially an enormously oversized hoodie, but usually made from an ultra soft material like fleece or flannel, like a blanket would be.
The kids can wear them around the house and still be able to go about their daily activities, so excuses like "I actually can't clean my room cause I am too cosy under this blanket" will fall on deaf ears thanks to these lifesavers.
Right now you can actually purchase two of the iconic Oodies wearable blankets for the price of one during their Buy One Get One Free sale that is available until July 27. So get in quick before the sale runs out!
Want to find the perfect options for your little ones this winter? Below are our picks, including some cult items that your kids are sure to love.

The best wearable blankets for kids this winter 2023

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