NSW Police have shamed a driver over this creative Stikeez display - and the comments from parents are gold

'Could you please disclose the location? That is a lot of high value bananas ... '

By Rebel Wylie
A post on the NSW Police Force's Facebook page, shaming a driver with a windscreen full of more than 60 Coles collectable 'Stikeez' has gone viral.
The post, featuring an image of the vehicle in question states, "It's always important to have a clear view out of the car. 'Stikeez' are not meant for the windscreen," and has received over 12,000 hilarious comments.
In case you missed the memo, 'Stikeez' are little plastic collectable miniature food characters that the supermarket giant gives out every time shoppers spend $30.
It's part of their "Fresh Rainbow Challenge", which encourages children to eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables every day.
As with past collectable campaigns, desperate collectors have been stirred into buying "Stikeez" online for thousands of dollars to complete their set. There's even a rare golden "Billy Banana" that is causing quite the frenzy amongst keen Coles shoppers.
While it's clear that this driver has amassed an enviable collection, displaying them on a windscreen is probably not the best idea.
Although, to be fair, it probably took a three year old a total of two minutes to wreak this kind of havoc.
Either way, they've drawn the ire of the law now, and the comments prove that they're not the only person obsessed with the sticky little critters.
"Could you please disclose the location? That is a lot of high value bananas …" wrote one keen observer.
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"There's a school mum out there looking to jack this car," another joked.
While even more were keen to take the opportunity to complete their own set.
"If you confiscate them, I need Carlo Cucumber," one opportunistic page follower penned.
"Any gold bananas in there? Driver should be fined leaving valuables in the car," wrote another.
Others were left shaking their heads at the display, obviously concerned about being on the road with a driver with obscured vision.
"What is wrong with the human race?" wrote one, and "What has this world come to?" penned another.
While many inquired whether there would be a punishment for such idiocy, such as the guy who asked, "Defect notice issued I hope. What a reckless hoon."
And there there were those who considered breaking the law even further … "Opportunity makes the thief... I think I need that carrot to complete my set."