"Mum! Step back! It's going in the pool!" Nicole Kidman rescues her family from an unwanted visitor

Nicole to the rescue! What a super mum.

By Holly Royce
It was a weekend just like any other in the Kidman-Urban household, with Nicole and her daughter's enjoying some time outside at their Nashville home.
That was until a very unwelcome visitor invaded the family's haven.
Cue dramatic music!
Nicole Kidman, whose musician husband Keith Urban is currently away on tour, shared a short video to Instagram highlighting her valiant efforts to humanely capture and release a HUGE hairy spider from the family's pool area and daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret sound pretty impressed.
Story continues after video...
"Step back, Mum, step back!" One of Nic's girls can be heard shouting in the background.
"It's going in the pool!" the cries continue, while shaky footage shows the HUGE spider crawling down into the families pool.
"It's a tarantula, right Mum?" an adorable American accent asks urgently.
Side note: forgive us for being surprised by that accent, but for some reason, we imaged Sunday and Faith would just magically adopt at least a semi-Australian accent, like their Mumma.
Nicole and Kieth with their daughters.
The footage then cuts to a closeup of Nicole, now holding the spider in a jar.
"I'm having to... take care of this spider," says the Big Little Lies actress, biting her lip.
"Help!" she laughs.
View the full clip at the top of this post.
Sometime's a mum has to do what a mum has to do.
This isn't the first time Nic has shown just how tough she can be.
The unwelcome visitor Nicole took care of. Don't mess with a super Mum!
In her latest role, playing Queen Atlanna in the DC film, Aquaman, Nicole proved she takes her craft very seriously and maybe also the phrase, "more pain, more gain."
"My opening shot in the film is being washed up on a rock, and I got to lie there with massive waves washing over me," she told an excited audience at the Aquaman Q&A.
"And I kept thinking, 'Come on, James! Give it to me! The bigger the better! This is why I'm doing this movie," she continued during the San Diego Comic-Con in California this weekend.
Comic-Con is the world's largest comic convention, where all things nerdy and geeky are celebrated with great gusto.
Keep giving us all Aussies a good name Nicole, but ah, we'll just be over here, keeping our distance from that jar.