Aussie mum's shock of spending $600 on school supplies

This is just another example of how the no School Kids Bonus is really impacting families across the country.

By Ellie McDonald
Mother-of-four Cindy Bogan, like us, is gobsmacked over how much kids’ school supplies can cost – especially considering the Queensland mum racked up a bill of $578.10, and that’s before buying uniforms.
As reported by KidsSpot, Ms Bogan posted a picture of a BIG W receipt along with a caption that detailed other costs her family is expected by a public school to shell out.
She goes on to list what this $578.10 bill covers, including 24 “compulsory” whiteboard markers for her kids’ teachers.
“$578 JUST for the BASICS!” she wrote.
“That's not including the $300 for COMPULSORY uniforms. That's not including $150 for COMPULSORY footwear. That's not including $150 on SUSTAINABLE backpacks to last more than 1 school term.”
“And lastly, that's not including the $440 combined total for the School Resource Scheme - which seeing as I have had to provide the A4 paper & tissues - I am unsure what this scheme even covers anymore!”
One user was quick to agree with Ms Bogan, saying she paid $1000 for public-school uniforms last year – and that was just for one child.
“Because my child is a girl it costs me $65 for one dress yet you can clothe a boy at the same school for $30 and that's shirt and shorts,” she continued. “Where I grew up in the public system we all wore the same polo shirts and basketball shorts.”
Another mum revealed her heartbreaking struggle to afford school supplies after both she and her husband both lost their jobs in the second half of last year.
“My 12-year-old is starting high school with no school supplies... nothing!
“My Year 10 starts senior school with no school supplies… nothing!”
“I didn't plan any of this but this last 12 months have been shear hell.”
“I’m picking up casual work here & there but it's not enough. Losing the school kids bonus has hit us hugely. “
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