Mum of quadruplets sums up parenthood in 30 seconds

She said it, but you were thinking it!

By Ellie McDonald
Mother to quadruplets, Ashley Gardner, from Utah in the U.S., is the first to admit her kids “don’t ever go away”. And this clever mum has a video to prove it.
As her husband shovels their driveway, Mrs Gardner rushes to her pantry for some much-needed sustenance to prepare her for the busy, kid-filled evening ahead.
And by “rushes to” we mean she “jumps inside and hides in” her pantry so she can enjoy a piece of red licorice all to herself.
In a video the hilariously real mum posted to Facebook, she says to the camera: “So I’m hiding in the pantry eating a treat. Is that wrong?”
Then, as her four daughters zone in on her hiding spot, she exclaims: “They don’t ever go away - they want everything you have!"
The video gets even funnier and undeniably sweeter when her daughter Indie pokes her fingers beneath the door and says, "Hi!".
The too-relatable video has had mroe than 3.9million views since it was uploaded on January 4 - and our guess is that the people viewing it can resonate with this clip all too well.
Take a look for yourself in the video below - and we dare you not to laugh...

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