Five famous men and the mothers who made them

Behind every good man is a good mum.

Behind every good man is a good mum. Whether he’s an aspiring cook, or a budding AFL star, mothers make the man. From organising practices, driving to auditions, or forking out her savings to pay for shows and equipment (or paying for $2900 calls to Santa, we’re looking at you, Darren McMullen), mothers have always gone the extra mile when it comes to their sons.
In celebration of this year’s upcoming Mother’s Day, we spoke to five famous Aussie men and the inspirational mums who always, always believed in them.

Curtis Stone and his mum Lorraine

"She was the best baker. I was always hanging around her apron strings, desperate to lick the spoon. The aroma in the kitchen when she was baking was to die for," says celebrity chef, Curtis Stone.
"After I told her what I wanted to do, she said the best thing anyone has ever told me: 'Follow your dream'. I wouldn't be anywhere without her support."

Jackson Bird and his mum Jenny

"The good thing about my mum is she's one of my mates," says cricketer Jackson Bird.
"I can tell her anything. I've got no issues with bringing mum along to have a few beers with my mates - the first thing they ask me is how my mum's going."

Firass Dirani with his mum Sobhia

"Just knowing the hardships she's been through and what I've been given - I value everything I've got," says actor Firass Dirani. "I think her strength resonates in my life, because it motivates me."

Darren McMullen and his mum Ellison

"I think I've got the greatest mum in the world - someone who's soft and caring, but at the same time strong enough to push you to be the best you can be," Darren McMullen, Scottish-born TV presenter, says of his mum, Ellison.
"The hard thing is trying to find a wife who's as fantastic as her - that's why I'm single. She's a hard act to follow."

Jack Trengrove with mum, Deb

"Mum was always positive and got to Melbourne as much as she could," says AFL footballer Jack Trengrove.
"You always hop off the phone feeling so much better than when you started."

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