Killer toy ban this Christmas

Consumer watchdogs warn against the purchase of cheap breakable toys in the lead up to Christmas due to safety concerns

Beware when purchasing toys for your dear little ones this Christmas season as the NSW Minister for Fair Trading Anthony Roberts has revealed that a myriad dangerous toys and products have been discovered in the Department’s pre-Christmas compliance checks.
As part of their checks, the NSW Department reviewed over 1103 product lines targeted at children and 1813 electrical products including Christmas lights, decorations, cords, chargers and adaptors.
“Fair Trading officers identified 63 dangerous toys and products as well as 48 electrical items during the blitz on retailers in the lead up to the holiday season,” Mr Roberts said.
“It is vital that anyone buying toys for young children makes sure they are safe and suitable.
“Toys with small parts and small objects like coins, batteries, magnets and screws should not be given to children under three years of age.”
In a press release from the Department of Fair Trading, they listed some of the products included in the danger list:
  • 39 varieties of toys for children aged under three;
  • 13 projectile toys that had the potential to cause significant eye injuries;
  • 11 other non-compliant products including seven aquatic products, one banned toy-like novelty cigarette lighter, two toys containing magnets and one baby walker; and
  • A child-appealing Santa table lamp, a V-MAX remote control helicopter with power supply, LED twinkle and multi-function Christmas lights.
The best way to avoid endangering your child this Christmas is to opt for higher quality products from reputable suppliers. Cheaper goods such as those founds in bargain stores and $2 shops can often be hazardous. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Mr Roberts warned in particular against the purchase of cheaper electrical products.
“Traders selling dangerous toys are putting their profits ahead of the safety of children and that is not acceptable,” Mr Roberts said.
“This year Fair Trading will seek orders in the Supreme Court to ban traders who have previously been prosecuted for supplying dangerous or non-compliant toys.”
The Department have taken steps to recall and destroy the affected products wherever possible but parents are warned that some traders may still have dangerous items on shelves and to exercise caution when making your Christmas purchases this year.

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