Katie Holmes is pulling at our heart strings with this sweet Suri Cruise memento

The starlet's daughter will undoubtedly cherish this gift.

By Chloe Lal
Some mothers pass on jewels, traditions and even cutlery.
In Hollywood they pass on frocks... And not any old dress, we're talking fairytale ballgowns.
Katie Holmes has revealed that she'll be sharing some of her most stunning gowns from the Met Gala with her darling daughter, Suri Cruise.
"I have a few of (my Met Gala dresses for Suri)," she told Entertainment Tonight.
"And a lot of them have gone back to the museums where they were."
Katie with her close friend and the mastermind behind her 2017 Met look, Zac Posen.
The mum-of-one worked old Hollywood glamour in this deep teal gown.
This year the Dawson's Creek actress wore a gaufre jacquard gown by Zac Posen.
"This was the only one I tried on," the 38-year-old said of her choice.
Speaking of her dear friend's creation, she remarked, "I love this dress because of the care that is taken into create something like this. Every ruffle is its own pattern, and there's so much thought and detail in it. It's really an honor to wear it."
We have no doubt the 11-year-old daughter of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise will be all kinds of pleased with her mum's clothes.

"My child is the most important person to me, and her upbringing is paramount to my work right now," Katie recently mused.
"I grew up the youngest of five, so there were a lot of hand-me-downs that I would sort of change up. And Suri and I do that now with her clothes. Or rather, she does it," Katie has revealed of her little fashionista.
"She says, 'I want this sleeve cut,' and it's like, 'Okay, we'll cut it.'"
Her daughter even influenced her Met style.
"Tom [Cruise] and I went to the Met ball a couple of years ago, and I had this beautiful red gown and these royal-blue shoes that I wasn't planning on wearing, but Suri made me put them on and so I was like, 'Okay, I trust you,'" Katie explained a few years ago before her divorce.
Suri recently celebrated a big milestone, turning 11 and we're guessing she received a frock or two!
Suri helped her mummy with this iconic 2008 Met Gala look

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