Halloween haters: Here’s what to serve trick-or-treaters

At least they’re healthy.

My kids call me the “Halloween Scrooge”. I just don’t support Halloween as a celebration in Australia. On the 31st day of October, my house will be in darkness and my kids trick-or-treating with others.
Sure, I laughed out loud to the Modern Family episode on Halloween. And I understand how it is celebrated in the US. But I just don’t think of it as being part of Australian culture at all.
But I may well open my house to the kids in lame costumes and their sad, bored parents this year – now that I have found this delicious and nutritious treat to place into trick-or-treaters’ bags.
This tweet has appeal to both the Halloween hater, like me, and the prankster, which I think is where tweeter Mark Sparrow sits.
Some people have mentioned that it’s a cruel idea. But when you look at it, this has all the makings of a viral recipe. There are just two ingredients; it skilfully combines deliciousness (chocolate) with nutritiousness (brussel sprouts) and it will partly appeal to the kids (with the chocolate) and the parents will know their lolly beggars will be getting their greens. Win. Win. Win.
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