Glenn McGrath never expected to fall in love again after the death of his wife Jane until he met Sara

The former cricket champ never expected to fall in love again.

By Bettina Tyrrell
Glenn and Sara McGrath have an incredible love story. The two met in 2009, a year after the death of Glenn's first wife Jane.
Sara Leonardi, an Italian interior designer and Glenn a former cricketer, fell instantly in love, and she moved to Australia permanently the following year.
The couple are just as happy as ever, and adore their blended family; Glenn and Jane's children James, 20, and Holly, 19 and Sara and Glenn's first child together five-year-old Madison.
Here we trace the couple's inspiring relationship from the moment they fell in love to today.
"I was adamant about that. But I am in love with Sara, totally and completely and absolutely." (Image: Instagram)

Glenn and Sara McGrath's love story

Glenn met Sara at a party in Cape Town in April 2009 sparking a friendship which grew into love. The pair announced their relationship in January of 2010 with Glenn, still raw from the death of his wife Jane in June 2008, admitting he hadn't believed he would find love again.
"After Jane passed away, I never thought that I could love another woman," Glenn said when his relationship with Sara became public.
"I was adamant about that. But I am in love with Sara, totally and completely and absolutely."
"I see Sara as my partner for the rest of my life... I can't picture life without her."
As soon as they announced their relationship Glenn and Sara were a united pair. Sara would join Glenn at events, supporting her new partner.
Glenn and Sara at the 52nd TV Week Logie Awards in 2010. (Image: Getty Images)

Glenn and Sara marry twice

Glenn and Sara wed in an intimate ceremony at his Cronulla home. The two then exchanged vows in a religious marriage service in Acireale at the base of Italy's Mt Etna in July 2011.
Only 70 close friends and family attended the ceremony. Glenn confirmed the news with a tweet that read: "Sara and I just got married again on July 4," he wrote. "It was a beautiful ceremony in Sicily. Thank you to the media for respecting our privacy."

To mark their 10 year anniversary, Sara wrote on Instagram: "In a blink of an eye 10 years have gone by since our religious wedding ceremony in Sicily. Always exciting and full of adventure we have been together for almost 12 years.
"I left South Africa on Nov 23rd 2009 to come to Australia a place I had never been to , to meet my soon to be blended family, with no plan B. Just knowing that this was the man @glennmcgrath11 who loved me and I loved him. Both of us 100% committed since day 1."
Sara spoke to The Australian Women's Weekly about her new blended family: "All of us have come a long way, taken giant steps and grown together as a family. Some days have been hard, that's true, but mostly it's been wonderful."
"All of us have come a long way, taken giant steps and grown together as a family." (Image: Instagram)

The couple welcome their daughter Madison

Glenn and Sara welcomed their first child together, a daughter they called Madison, on September 4th 2015. The couple have since revealed the traumatic birth, which almost took Sara's life.
"I remember the doctor looking deeply concerned. Later, he said Sara was really ill and wouldn't have lasted another 24 hours," Glenn told Stellar Magazine or Sara's life-threatening pre-eclampsia.
"Her lungs were filling with fluid and she was struggling to breathe."
The couple's daughter Madison is a total daddy's girl. (Image: Instagram)

Glenn and Sara's gorgeous family

Now with Madison, Glenn and Sara are the perfect example of a blended family. Sara, who believes little Madison has strengthened their family bond even more, previously said, "Our family is complete, and we're so happy."
"We were always close, but now we're even closer because we all have to watch out for her. Everyone knows she's the little one. It's almost like she's being parented by four people," she said.
Glenn, Sara, Holly and Madison on holiday in Arizona in November 2017. (Image: Instagram)

Continuing Jane's legacy

Now little Madison is five, and very much besotted by her dad (yep, she's a daddy's girl!) and loved by her older brother and sister.
Together, the family continue Jane's incredible legacy with the McGrath Foundation, a charity Jane and Glenn set up 
to help breast cancer sufferers and fund breast cancer nurses around the country.
"I see Sara as my partner for the rest of my life... I can't picture life without her." (Image: Instagram)
The McGrath family pose at the 10th anniversary of the Pink Test which every year turns the Sydney Cricket Ground into a sea of pink in honour of Jane and support of the McGrath foundation. (Image: Instagram)

Sara is a no #1 stepmum!

Stepmother to two young adults and mum to a schoolchild, Sara often shares glimpses into the lovely family's life through her social media account.
As well as proud posts of her children (when James finished year 12 she shared, "We are all thrilled at what a great guy you have become"), Sara proves her great sense of humour through goofy videos and funny snaps.
One New Year's Eve, Sara posted a video of herself dancing in the family's kitchen, captioning the video: "What New Years eye looks like out our house lol omg too funny #applepie #babyneedsabath #waitingfor2018"
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