Girls' construction toys ad goes viral

Toy company GoldieBlox has made an awesome video set to a Beastie Boys tune to inspire little girls to be ‘more than just a princess’

In light of the overwhelming pinkness and narrow play themes of most girls’ toys, San Francisco-based toy company GoldieBlox has designed construction toys geared towards young girls to ‘showcase the incredible inventive power that girls have’.
To promote their story & construction sets, they created an awesome two-minute video (see below) set to a super-catchy Beastie Boys-inspired soundtrack. Not surprisingly, the video has gone seriously viral, racking up nearly four million views in four days!
In it, an entire house and yard is taken over by a genius contraption called the ‘princess machine’, which uses engineering and construction principles to show girls how fun it can be to build stuff.
GoldieBlox is the brainchild of Stanford-educated engineer Debbie Sterling, who was bothered by the fact that only 11 percent of engineers in the world are women, and how limited the toy options are for girls – particularly those toys that might encourage them to discover the joy of engineering.
“Our goal is to get girls building,” states Sterling on the GoldiBlox website. “We’re here to help level the playing field in every sense of the phrase. By tapping into girls' strong verbal skills, our story + construction set bolsters confidence in spatial skills while giving young inventors the tools they need to build and create amazing things.”
With catchy creative like this video (helped by the guy who did the Rube Goldberg Machine for the OK Go music video), Sterling’s goal of ‘disrupting the pink aisle’ in toy stores this Christmas is well on its way to being achieved.

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