Fridaballs: Underwear designed to protect dads from kids where they need it most

Because kids have sniper-like precision when it comes to the crown jewels.

By Rebel Wylie
There's a design fault when it comes to dads and kids. As children grow into toddlerhood – a life stage with the most energy and least coordination – their height aligns neatly with their father's most sensitive region. The balls.
Short of wearing a cup, there's been little dads can do to protect themselves from stray kicks, headbutts, baby-carrier heels, trolley-toes, elbows and flying toy missiles.

Until now

Swedish company, Fridababy has come up with 'kid-proof' boxers for dads, uncles and grandpas the world over.
According to Fridababy: "Each pair of FridaBalls is equipped with a reinforced protective pouch to soften the blow and keep dad's buddies safe, breathable wicking fabric to keep things fresh, a never slip secure waistband (because crack is always wack) and our patent pending Heirloom Conservation Technology (HCT)."

Dudes really want to protect their junk

If you're nuts are crying out for protection, you might need to wait a little while. Fridaballs are currently sold out, but you can join the waiting list if you're super-keen for $27.99 worth of protection.
Right now Fridababy only ship to US and Canadian addresses, however Aussies can find some joy by using Australia Post's Shopmate service which will set you up with a US postal address forward your nut-savers on to Australia.

Mums, you’re covered too

Fridababy hasn't just thought of the dads. The company has all manner of products to help with the sometime (often) unglamorous side of parenting. In fact the company's mission is "preparing parents for the unsexy, unfiltered realities of parenthood with simple yet genius solutions that get the job done."
Don't need Fridaballs? That's fine, you might be able to use: the Snotsucker ("your go-to natural, hygienic baby booger buster"), the Buttwasher ("like a portable bidet that uses water instead of a 'crap load' of irritating wipes"), the Boogerwiper ("all the benefits of a chest balm in a fuss-free wipe form"), and the Momwasher ("to make post-delivery healing process cleaner and easier").
Geez, parenting really is gross, isn't it?