Three smart mum tips to unlock the perfect family weekend

Fuss free fun in the sun.

By Now To Love + Hamilton
Ah, the weekend. Two blissful days of free time after a busy week at work. Except, of course, when you're a parent – then Saturdays and Sundays can often feel like the most hectic of them all.
With summer on the way, weekend schedules are filling up once again. Whether it's a morning soaking up the sun on the beach, a long afternoon spent with family and a picnic in the park, or a whole day of cheering from the sidelines at Saturday sport, it can be hard to feel organised enough to do it all.
So, we've rounded up the top tips for how to have a fun family weekend, with as little fuss as possible.

1. Preparation is everything

Sometimes, just getting out the front door for a fun day out can seem like a mammoth effort, so a bit of preparation can go a long way in making the weekend run a little more smoothly.
Things like laying out the kids' clothes (with a quick check of the weather to decide if a jacket is needed), pairing up shoes and socks and finding a hat the night before can ease the stress of a rushed morning.
Snacks can be prepped beforehand too, with a school lunchbox pre-packed with some sandwiches, snack bars and chopped fruit doubling as portable picnic on the weekend.
Preparation is key - prepare snacks the night before to get out the front door faster.

2. It’s all in the bag

Just like Mary Poppins, a mum's bag is her best friend when it comes to a day spent outside. Along with the snacks and water bottles, pop in a change of clothes just in case (because we know kids will always find fun in the messiest of places).
For short attention spans – or active imaginations – pop in some activities like bubbles or a colouring-in book and pencils.
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3. Location, location, location

Sometimes picking the right place (and time) can make all the difference for fuss-free fun.
Hit the beach early to avoid battling the crowds (and circling the carpark in the hot sun to find a spot) or find a shady picnic spot with a playground nearby for kids who would rather climb and explore than sit still.
But the hidden secret of a weekend spent outdoors is that you don't always have to leave the house - some of the best summer memories can be made right in your own backyard.
You don't always have to leave the house to have fun.
Pop on some sunscreen and a hat, set up a sprinkler and let the kids take turns running through the water, or spend a Sunday morning planting a summer vegetable garden.
Even a walk around the neighbourhood – with the dog and a camera in tow – can be turned into a scavenger hunt.
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