Em Rusciano hits back at mummy shamers: ‘I’m a person first and a mum second’

Comedian Em Rusciano has put some internet trolls in their place after being called "a disgusting wh-re mother whose children should be removed."

Comedian Em Rusciano has put some internet trolls in their place by telling them she’s ‘a person first and a mother second.’
The radio presenter’s comments came after some gutless pundits called her a “disgusting wh--e mother whose children should be removed” because the 37-year-old left her two daughters, aged 9 and 14, at home with a sitter as she went out twice in one week.
In a bid to put mummy shamers back in their place the radio presenter said that mothers “wanting some things just for them” will in fact “make them better parents in the long run.”
In her lengthy post Rusciano opened up about falling into sticky spots of anxiety and sadness but said that enjoying life outside the realm of parenthood has helped her cope.
“I've learned over the years that the best way to combat these unfortunate quirks I have, is to make sure that I partake in activities that benefit me, and only me,” Rusciano wrote. “That help me to grow as a person AWAY from my kids so that when I come back to them I'm a whole human.”
“I try to do things that make my heart bigger, that inspire me and that allow me to find tiny holes of light to stand in.”
In less than a day Rusciano’s post has been liked and shared thousands of times with many people singing her praises.
One user, Chantell Clarke commented: “It’s a sad world we live in where you have to justify the time we spend away from our children. As if there isn’t enough mummy guilt floating around our brains already. You are a legend Em!”
Needless to say the mummy shamers out there have gone very quiet on the thread.
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