Period underwear: The hack that'll make THAT time of the month a million times more comfortable

Turns out periods and peace of mind can go hand-in-hand.

By Jess Pullar
Mirrors are handy little things. From applying a fresh coat of lippy to checking whether we've got a delightful piece of food wedged between our teeth - their uses are endless.
But once a month, mirrors prove their true worth for women the world over. We are, of course, referencing that sneaky glance of yourself (or your behind, more accurately) when Aunt Flo pays a visit.
Indeed, there's nothing quite like that sweet feeling of relief that comes once confirmed that we haven't had a dreaded period accident that leaves us scrambling to wash, hide or find a fresh pair of pants.
And in a surprising, yet highly pleasing turn of events, that peace of mind can now be felt whether you have a mirror or not.
Enter period underwear - the new trend that's changing the period game and making that time of the month approximately 1000 times more comfortable.
Period underwear is the next big thing when it comes to that time of the month. (Image: Getty)
While you can't erase some of the inconveniences that come with menstruation entirely, there is progress being made- and period underwear is case in point.
In fact, some Australian brands have developed intricate designs that don't require the use of pads or tampons at all. Dream!
In 2013, Australian company Modibodi started researching, proto-typing and testing designs after conducting close to 1,000 scientific tests.
They eventually came up with a design that used tech-savvy fabrics and fibres to create a stain resistant lining for modern periods and leaks.
The result was game-changing, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from women all over the world, including Australian comedian Rosie Waterland and model Bec Judd.
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What's more, the company have expanded their range to include products for pre-teens and teenage girls who have just started their periods.
And if you've ever had to skip out on swimming, exercise or any physical activity due to fear of leakage (which, let's face it, we've all done!) you'll be glad to know the range also includes swimwear and even brand new active wear leggings - gym fiends, rejoice!
Another bonus? It's no secret that buying pads and tampons can get pricey, and that money can be MUCH better spent on important things like coffee and chocolates, so being able to wash and re-wear the underwear as many times you like is a win-win.

So how do they work, exactly?

It all comes down to fabrics, and Modibodi use three that have proved successful - bamboo, sports merino and microfibre, which are breathable and secure.
As for the design itself, there are four different types of linings that suit different types of leakage.
The first is pretty basic - a period and pee-friendly design with three layers 3mm thick.
The first layer wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and stops smells. The second absorbs fluid and locks it away, and the bottom is a waterproof layer for some extra protection.
In total, the underwear can hold up to 20ml (two tampons worth on average) of fluid. Happy days!
The second design simply controls perspiration and smell with a moisture wicking layer that draws sweat and discharge and fights bacteria - these are perfect for working out, period or no period.
These classic boyleg undies from Modibodi look and feel just like your faves. (Image: Modibodi)
The third design was created for keen pool-goers - a period and pee-friendly double layer includes a water repellant fabric which dries three times faster than other swimsuits on the market.
Finally, a fourth design was created for mums experiencing leaky boobs - the age old inconvenience!
Much like the underwear, this singlet design comes with a chest padded with cups that have three layers - one to nip the moisture away, the second to absorb the moister and the third an extra waterproof layer.
There's even a leak proof singlet for mums and mums-to-be! (Image: Modibodi)

Where can you get them?

The technology is still evolving, but demand for these puppies is only on the up - hence why you're about to start seeing them everywhere.
ModiBodi is available online and in select stores in Australia.
Furthermore, period underwear company Thinx also ships to Australian addresses via ordering online.