Dad transforms disabled son's wheelchair into Ghostbusters car, hearts melt across the world

And the award for Unofficial Father of The Year goes to...

This is certainly no trick – one clever and creative dad has given his wheelchair-bound son the coolest, most ingenious Halloween costume we think we've ever seen.
Before it was a Star Wars snowspeeder, then a Captain America motorbike, and now this year, Ryan Scott Miller has transformed his 9-year-old son Jeremy Miller’s wheelchair into the imitable Ghostbusters car.
Jeremy's all revved up to to go trick-or-treating.
After asking his friends to vote on which set of Hollywood wheels he should recreate for his son, it was decided that the Ecto-1 car, featured in the Ghostbusters movie, was this year’s pick.
According to Miller, the Ecto-1 is equipped with a ladder, siren light and two speakers (Miller says there’s one for the Ghostbusters’ siren and one for the theme music.
Ryan recreated the battle of Hoth from the Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back film with this snowspeeder.
Miller took to Imgur to say he thinks the father-son duo “nailed it” along with posting a series of happy snaps of Jeremy loving his incredible Halloween-styled wheelchair.
What a treat!
WATCH this video to see the three sets of wheels in action.

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