This video of a dad and son with cerebral palsy will make you smile

Such a beautiful moment.

A dedicated father, Jared Edmunds, just wanted to make his eight-year-old son smile, and he did just that in this heart-warming video. In fact, he’s made everyone who’s watched the footage smile too.
The boy, Atticus, has cerebral palsy and has the time of his life when his parents take him to skate park. In the video, Jared runs and pushes Atticus up and down the ramps.
His mum, Tresa, asks him, “Did you have fun at the skate park?” His excitement and joy is visible as he shouts, “That was fantastic!”
Photo via YouTube.
The family is overwhelmed with the responses they’ve been getting on the footage. “Seeing how many people were watching that video and cheering him on made such an amazing difference to him,” said Tresa.
“He went to bed giggling. I wish you all could have seen his face when I told him that a million other people believe in him too,” she said.
See the beautiful video below.
VIDEO: Boy has an amazing time at the skate park with his dad

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