Dad Creates Most Awesome IKEA Bed Ever

We think this dad just won the IKEA Olympics.

We want one!
At Mother and Baby, we’re impressed by anyone who attempts to tackle an IKEA manual, let alone actually build something. Whenever something new is purchased from IKEA and comes ready in its flatpack, we tend to palm it off to our partners, or literally anyone in the vicinity, claiming illness.
So seeing this amazing dad working his IKEA magic has definitely bowled us over.
Combining three different IKEA products, this dad has made an amazing super cubby for his son, which including (no less than a) bunk bed, slide, secret cubby, pulley machine, hidden windows and a secret door (of course).
The dad posted a video of his incredible work to show you how to do it (if you willing). View it below. It's seriously impressive.
Bravo, dad!

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