Curtis Stone: Let fussy kids go hungry

The Aussie chef thinks parents are letting their kids get away with too much.

Aussie chef Curtis Stone has some parenting advice for you: let your kids grow hungry more often.
The father of two sons, Hudson, 4, and Emerson, 1, said that parents are letting their picky eater kids get away with too much.
He’s suggesting that if children don’t eat the food put in front of them, parents should serve it up again at the next meal. Oh, and you can’t give them snacks in between either.
“Say you make a fish pie and the kids won’t eat it; I’d wrap it up, put it away and offer it again later when they’re hungry,” the internationally renowned chef said.
“What’s wrong with fish pie for breakfast? I’d love a fish pie for breakfast. I think the problem is too many parents worry about their kids being hungry that they let their children dictate what they eat.
“I don’t see the big deal in letting kids go hungry a few times. They’ll eat when they’re hungry.”
Stone, who lives in LA with his wife Lindsay Price, has urged parents to experiment with flavours and to expose their children to spices from an early age.
“Try incorporating the vegetables into the meal with a chicken casserole or a bolognese,” he said.
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