Could a blood test save you from being infertile?

This new study could be the difference between women with heavy periods being given life-altering surgery or not.

Researchers in the UK believe they have discovered a ground-breaking alternative for women looking to put a stop to their abnormally heavy periods that won’t render them infertile.
Currently, women who suffer from heavy bleeding during their period are offered a range of different treatments. However, it’s surgical procedures like a hysterectomy (the removal of the womb) and endometrial ablation (the burning away of the womb’s lining) that could take away a woman’s choice if she wants to have children or not.
But as the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust’s study suggests, 20 per cent of these patients may in fact suffer from blood-clotting disorders, including the inherited von Willebrand disease, which is said to be treatable with medication.
While this does not account for all cases related to heavy menstrual bleeding, experts say it does raise the notion that women with heavy periods may need to undergo different testing to determine if they actually need surgery.
'There are currently no routine tests for deficiency or dysfunction of blood-clotting proteins, or for problems with platelet function, for women suffering with these problems,’ says lead researcher of the study, Dr Clare Samuelson.
“Some of these women could avoid complications of surgery, or even avoid it completely, if an underlying disorder is diagnosed and appropriately treated.'”
If you experience heavy bleeding and painful periods, don’t wait to consult your doctor – contact them now.

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