Chrissy Teigen mum-shamed for the way she holds her baby

Naturally, the sharp-tongued star had the perfect comeback.

By Emily Kerr
Ahhh, the internet. The place where every Tom, Dick and Harry feels it’s their right to voice their opinions about other people’s parenting techniques.
Model and new mum Chrissy Teigen has previously been criticised for choosing the sex of her baby during IVF and daring to leave the house after giving birth to daughter Luna.
She even set her Twitter account to private a few weeks back after a particularly bad barrage of hate, announcing that “her body and mind cannot handle it anymore.”
But it seems even that couldn’t shield her from all of the online trolls, as she has now been slammed on the social network for simply holding her child.
Not one to bite her tongue on social media, Chrissy clapped back with the kind of fierceness you’d expect from somebody who’d just been publicly accused of putting their child at risk.
"At six-months-old Luna is probably showing more of an interest in the world around her, and probably prefers to be perched on her mum’s hip rather than cradled like a newborn. Luna’s shoulder and neck muscles would be strong enough to hold her head up at this age, so Chrissy doesn’t look to be anything wrong by holding Luna in this position," Erin Mayo, editor of Mother & Baby magazine confirmed for The Weekly.
"We should be supporting mums… rather than mum shaming.”
Regardless, it’s quite obvious that Chrissy and husband John Legend dote on little Luna.

And she remains the Queen of sassy Twitter comebacks.

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