Avoid the sugar-crash with these chocolate-free Easter gift ideas for kids

Hop to these fun and fabulous options for the family!

By Rebel Wylie
Easter has long been associated with the Easter Bunny, chocolate eggs and treasure hunts, but for some of us, the sheer amount of sugar associated with the holiday is a problem we'd rather not deal with.
Sure, a little bit of Easter chocolate is fine for some, but when everyone you know is gifting eggs to your kids, the crash can be epic.
Fear not, because there are some great chocolate-free alternatives that make wonderful gifts for young and old.
And the sugar is nowhere in sight!
Keep on scrolling for an inspiration selection of our favourite chocolate-free gift ideas.
Not every treat at Easter has to be riddled with chocolate. Image: Getty.

Donate a Bonnie the Bunny to help abused children

What happens when you switch up chocolate for philanthropy?
Magic, that's what.
By purchasing a comfort bunny from The Change Angels for a child in someone's name, you'll not only be showing kindness to a child who needs love and support, but you'll be helping The Change Angels raise money for some of Australia's most vulnerable children.
Each year, Melbourne based company Nana Huchy donate Bonnie the Bunnies for The Change Angels, who give them to children who have been admitted to hospital with injuries related to abuse or neglect.
They then donate 100 percent of the profits to charities that support abused children, such as Bravehearts.
How great is that?
Donating a gift to disadvantaged kids sends a special kind of Easter message. Image: The Change Angels.

Cute winter pyjamas make a great Easter gift

With the weather getting cooler around Easter time, gifting kids a fresh set of winter pyjamas is a great chocolate-free tradition to kick off at this time of year.
I mean, is there anything cuter than a snuggly kid in their winter jammies?
Pyjamas make great gifts for cousins and friends too.
Department stores, like Best & Less stock an adorable range of Easter themed onesies and pyjamas to suit the entire family.
Gifting winter jammies is a wonderful chocolate-free tradition to begin with your family. Image: Best & Less.

Find long-lasting Easter fun with bunny themed toys

As cute as the chocolate bunnies are, we all know that fun lasts approximately seven minutes before the sugar crash hits.
Rabbit themed toys, like the Rubik's Junior Bunny from Crown & Andrews are a simple solution for long-lasting fun.
The cute twistable character is so easy to grip and turn, which makes it perfect for little fingers.
Twist the blocks to create a crazy mixed-up animal, but with relatively few combinations.
It is easy to solve, whilst providing hours of entertainment for children.
Bunny themed toys are a great alternative to chocolate bunnies. Image: Crown & Andrews.

There's a huge range of Easter themed books that make great gifts

Story-telling and reading is a great way to promote child development and enhances intercultural understanding and communication, and Easter is the perfect time to snuggle in and get reading.
Gifting books is a creative way to spread the message of Easter. Image: Getty.

Not all Easter eggs are chocolate!

If you'd still like the idea of a Easter egg hunt, never fear, you can still do it chocolate-free.
Egg toys like these Growing Bunny eggs make a sweet alternative - pardon the pun.
You'll find them at most toy and department stores.
Simply put them in water, and after 12-24 hours the egg cracks open, and a toy bunny then grows within 48hrs.
Not all Easter eggs are chcolate. Image: Mr Toys.

Peter Rabbit can step in for the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny is a popular rabbit, but so are his mates, Peter and his pals from the family classic, Peter Rabbit.
You'll find these super-cute plush Peter Rabbit plush toys at various toy and department stores.
At approximately 18cm tall, they're the perfect snuggle size for Easter and beyond.
The Easter bunny isn't the only rabbit in town! Image: Big W.
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Easter bath time just got more fun!

Handmade cosmetic store, Lush has thought outside the box with some really cute chocolate-free alternative Easter gift ideas.
Limited edition, Easter themed bath bomb melts and cocoa sugar scrubs are a cute, sweet smelling gift that make good use of sugar at Easter!
Easter smells real good at Lush! Image: Lush.

Easter gifts that can be kept forever

TK Maxx has an adorable range of Easter Easter-themed dinnerware that is sure to not only last a lifetime, but become something that is passed down as your children become parents themselves.
Image: TK Maxx.
However you're spending Easter, choccie-free or not, stay safe and have a lovely holiday with your family.

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