The Aussie celebrities taking a stand on International Stop Cyberbullying Day


By Rebel Wylie
On June 21, International Stop Cyberbullying Day, Australian fashion label, Auguste called on Aussie's to help them support the The Alannah and Madeline foundation's National Centre Against Bullying and international organisation The Cybersmile Foundation. And boy, did some big names come to the party!
Alex Nation, Georgia Love and Lee Elliott and Ada Nicodemou were just some of the superstars to don Auguste's specially designed 'Hero' tee - of which 100 percent of the price tag is donated to the charities above.

Currently, bullying is one of the biggest challenges facing young people in Australia, with one in four children bullied and one in five victims experiencing mental health problems later in life.
And there's no doubt this campaign will help bring attention to the problem and the charities doing their part to help solve it. Auguste's previous charity campaigns with the Australian Marine Conservation Society and UN Women raised over $120,000 and sold out in 24 hours!
Speaking with Now to Love, founder and Creative Director of the Byron Bay based label, Ebony Eagles spoke about why this issue is so important.
"Bullying isn't something that just takes place in the schoolyard. This issue plagues both childhood and adulthood, places of learning, work, the home life and the digital world," says Ebony.
"It's so important to me that this campaign works to unite everyone, which is why we not only designed the tees for both men, women and children in an extended size range, but we also partnered with two charities."
Auguste founder and Creative Director, Ebony Eagles and her daughter, Coco are taking a stand against cyber bullying. Supplied
"We chose to support both Allanah and Madeline Foundation's National Centre Against Bullying and The Cybersmile Foundation so we can help as many individuals as possible, both on and offline. It's a huge campaign and a lot of work – but all the best things are,' says Ebony.
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The Cybersmile Foundation is committed to tackling all forms of digital abuse, harassment and bullying online, we work to promote diversity and inclusion by building a safer, more positive digital community. They do so through professional help, support services and education.
If you'd like to join the campaign, the charity tees will be available online at from Friday.