Could blueberries be the secret to improving your child's memory ahead of exams?

Blueberries are convenient, versatile, tasty and could just help you child's memory.

By Rebel Wylie
If your child is getting ready for their end of school exams, there could be a handy little helper in your fridge that you've been ignoring.
According to research out of the University of Reading, there's a hidden talent in the humble blueberry that could be the secret to your kids remembering all they need to for a successful exam.
The study saw a group of children consuming a drink containing either one and three quarter cups of fresh blueberries, three quarters of a cup, or a placebo. Before and after the drink they were given a series of cognitive exams to test their memory.
The results? Astounding. The study saw a 13 percent improvement in the children's memory six hours after consuming the high dosage drink, making blueberries the perfect breakfast during any exam block.
Commenting on the results of her study, Professor Claire Williams noted that the fruit is "rich in flavonoids, (and) a range of health benefits including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects." She also added that "school is a vital stage in a child's educational and social development. These results indicate strongly that consuming foods rich in flavonoids (like fresh blueberries) could aid overall learning in the classroom."
These findings support the growing body of evidence that fresh blueberries are beneficial for healthy brain function, and Aussie Dietitian and Nutritionist, Rebecca Gawthorne agrees.
Dietitian and Nutritionist, Rebecca Gawthorne says: "Blueberries are a great food for kids and parents alike and Aussie families should definitely jump on the blueberry train" (Image: Instagram/nourish_naturally)
"Blueberries are an easy snacking option for children and adults; they can be eaten fresh from the punnet as a school or after school snack or added into smoothies, fruit salads, homemade baking and sweets," says Gawthorne.
"They also make a great addition to breakfast and can be sprinkled onto of cereal, yoghurt and porridge and even added into lunch and dinner salads."
Blueberries are convenient, versatile, tasty and bursting with health benefits! (Image: Getty)
"Fresh Australian blueberries are packed full of essential nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin K and are often labeled as a superfood due to their amazing disease-fighting properties," says Gawthorne.
"They can assist with keeping your heart, gut, skin and brain healthy. They are also naturally sweet yet low in calories making them a great way for families to skip out on highly processed foods but still enjoy the sweet tastes of nature."
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With great timing too, Australian blueberries are now in peak season, meaning it's easy for all of us to add some punnets to our baskets ... along as we remembered the shopping list, that is. Lucky there's something that can help with that!

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